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i'm a happy person :D if you lean on me, i'll be sure to lean right back

I wish I was a better human being.

I need new friends, I need to see old ones more, and I need my friends to take me for granted less. I’m tired of being walked all over. I’m a loose person and I don’t always behave well but I know that and I’ll try to change. Some people think that just because I got comfortable enough around them it means that they have the right to get angry at me when I can’t give them a ride somewhere or buy them something I know they won’t pay me back for or just plain hang out with them. Most of these things are and monetary, which doesn’t mean anything to me until it becomes more than a material problem.

Sure gas is expensive. Sure I drive a Prius. 40 miles per gallon doesn’t last long though if I have to give you rides everywhere.

Sure I was lucky enough to have a job. Sure I have some money in the bank. Sorry for asking for my money back when I’ve paid for people’s meals for over a year.

Sure I have time to help. Sure you can borrow my stuff. Can you spare a second for me? No? Well that’s all right I guess…

What about now, when I’m out of gas and can’t drive you today… when I’ve gotten a traffic ticket and no longer have money to spot you… when I’m running out of time to start college apps so I can’t hang out today… when I’m having a bad day and can’t help you with your personal problems and don’t know how to help you… when I’m really busy, stressed, and sad so I can’t help you with your work today… when I need a little help with things but it seems like sometimes all you care about is yourself and forget how much time I spend helping you… well that’s fine I guess if you’re going to be inconsiderate and hurtful to me for any of those things then I’ll make things easy for you in the last way that I can. When we’re done with high school I’ll make sure to never bother you with friendship again.

I’m rude and obnoxious and I know it but one thing that no one sees is that I treated you better than I treat myself.

This post does not belong here. If you are reading this and don’t know if it’s for you then it probably isn’t. Most of the people this refers to don’t use tumblr anyway.

it’s late

some guys have nightmares about being friendzoned but only in my happy dreams can i still be your friend

i wish i had someone to keep me company ]: starting kadis homework is hard and frustrating without a graphing calculator…

seems legit

seems legit

note to self

no matter how the school year ends, have a good summer.

spend it with people you love, but don’t
waste it on someone who won’t
remember you
when the party’s over.


when people need favors but dont give anything in exchange thats perfectly okay

it is not okay to ask for favors and become angry at the person doing favors when that person doesnt even have any time left for his or her own things

i cannot wait for this movie to come out

i cannot wait for this movie to come out

… LOL this is a real pokemon card

… LOL this is a real pokemon card

sometimes i dream about closure

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